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c/o Brammer and Strachan Street Germiston South, 1401

Our Companies

As Trademore Group, we specialize in the supply of petroleum products, molasses, and raw animal feed, as well as offer top-notch tanker wash and truck inn services. We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of all our clients, with our operational reach extending across South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and other vital regions in Southern Africa. Throughout our remarkable 26-year journey, Trademore Group has solidified its position in the industry, forging enduring partnerships and cultivating trust and loyalty within the different sectors.

Trademore Petroleum

Licensed Importer and Exporter of Premium Petroleum Products.

Trademore Feeds

Supplier of Molasses & Raw
Animal Feed.

Amandla Paraffin

Supplier of Packaged and Marked Paraffin Products.

Germiston Tanker

Tanker & Truck Washing Services for Small to Major Corporate Road Transporters.

SA Bulk
Truck Inn

24/7 Secure Truck Stop & Refuelling Station Located in Germiston.

Trademore Sherco Racing

Trademore’s Sponsored Off Road Motorcycle Team, Supported by Sherco SA.


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